San Antonio Astronomy

Welcome to the Alamo City Astronomy Club

Here at the Alamo City Astronomy Club, we make an effort to be the bridge the huge gap between a complicated classroom understanding of astronomy and the more immediately-rewarding aspect of seeing astronomical objects. Our members gather to gaze up at the wonders of the night sky, from the beauty of local celestial objects such as Venus (which is visible to the naked eye) to distant, difficult to locate bodies such as the Horsehead Nebula. We’re all about having fun and sharing our love for the awe-inspiring wonders of outer space.

The universe is vast and mysterious. It stretches on infinitely beyond everything we know and comprehend, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy pondering its limitless possibilities. If you’re interested in any of the multitude of incredible outer space phenomena, we’d love to have you drop by for a meeting.  You’ll quickly see that we put the fun in unfathomable.

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